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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I change my date? 

We need you to understand first & foremost, that this is you breaking our original contract of services. So, while my team & I will do absolutely EVERYTHING to continue to be able to work with you towards your wedding day plans. The following is what we need to do to hopefully find a resolution that works for all parties. 


  •  We will need to check our availability for your new date.

  •  We may need to adjust the quote due to standard price increases depending on how long the move is (10 weeks vs 10 months)

  • We may need to refer you to one of our preferred suppliers if our workload is too heavy

  • We may need to take an additional booking fee from you if within peak wedding season This is never our goal. But from time to time we may need to enforce this in order to hire additional freelance florists to help. 

  • We may need to discuss alternatives for flowers due to seasonal floral availability changes

Rest assured, we will always do what we can to make your new date work, but this list above is some of the potential outcomes that may need to be reached. 

Please Note:

We do NOT offer refunds. This is due to work we could have booked, but missed out on holding your wedding date in our calendar. Unfortunately, even with the Covid pandemic & even before this. It's always been part of our policy & part of our T's & C's. 

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Date Changes

Payment Info...


How much is the Deposit /Booking Fee? 

 - Our Booking Fee is 30% of the total invoice + GST, confirmed at the time of booking your date. 

What payment methods are available?

 - We prefer and accept bank transfer. We also can accept Stripe payments, using your credit card, however the interest amounts and transaction fees will be passed onto the invoice for you to pay in addition to the invoice.  

When is the Invoice due? 

- Your invoice is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding date. This time frame is also when I will contact you, via the phone, to confirm the rest of your invoice. 

Payment Information
Flower Care

Can I make changes to my invoice? 

 - Absolutely! I will make changes to any confirmed booking up to the 6 week time frame of when the remainder is to be paid. (Outside of this 6 week time frame, you will need to advised this within our first meeting) 

 - The reason for this is my order with my supplier needs to be in well in advance. I ONLY order premium quality wedding flowers from my supplier to ensure the best product. 

What's the process for Delivery, Installation Setup & Pack Down?

We'll arrange times for delivery with you when we finalise your invoice.

 - Delivery for one location is generally inclusive. (Our Wedding Packages have specific inclusions) 

 - Additional locations for delivery will incur an additional charge.

 - This is calculated with a per/km rate worked out by us.

 - Installation charges are quoted separately at, a per hour rate of $75/hour day rate.

 - After 10pm this changes to $125/hour night rate.

(These charges will be changed if using our additional services of Styling or Coordination as it will be packaged cheaper for our clients.)

How do I take care of my flowers during my wedding day? 

Your wedding flowers will arrive straight out of my fridges, with freshly cut stems, fully hydrated being of the freshest quality.

 - We recommend having vases or jars of water (only 2 cms in the bottom) ready for your bouquets to go into if possible. 2 cms only, so the binding will not get wet. Make sure when taking them out of water to damp them on paper towel or a towel, so you don't get water stains on your dresses.

 - Please don't place your flowers in direct air conditioning (this may make your flower droop) or near where your hair & makeup are getting done. (Chemicals from hairspray is not something you want on them). Make sure your flowers are stored in a safe place, not someone where they may fall or break or be knocked into. 

 - Do NOT touch the heads of your flowers. The oils from hands may transfer and cause bruising to the flowers or stain your flowers.

 - Treat your flowers with love and care and don't be overly rough with them. They are a delicate product. 

 - During the day, if possible give your flowers a "drink". Again, in only a 2 cms, and be sure to damp them again to not stain your dresses. This will be a great option for them if you have arranged flower preservation of your bouquet. 

 - Be sure not to leave your flowers in the sun or on any hot surfaces. (ie, on the bonnet/hood of a car - this will cause burns and flowers to instantly wilt and die if the car is/has been running or sitting in the sun) 

 - If you are going to use your bouquets for reception decorations, again ensure they are in water (2 cms) in order to look the best they can, instead of laying them along the bridal table. 

Why do wedding flowers cost so much?

It's a combination of a few reasons really. I've listed a few below. 

 - It's due to the exclusive access, quality controlled, hand selected, premium wedding flowers placed via special order. They are quite literally the "best of the BEST"!! And that comes with a cost.

 - For any business, running their business as such, (not hobby level businesses) they need to charge enough to cover that cost, as some hobbyist wouldn't order this level of quality. 

 - Also, you are paying for the extras, such as wires & tape, ribbons & silks, floral foam supplies for installation pieces to ensure all the flowers for your special day, are used to their full potential.

 - Then comes the skills in doing flowers. The education, that I myself take, to keep on trends & styles. To know what flowers best suit and what's available for your day. 

 - We are also most of the time our own bookkeepers, receptionists, accountants, cleaners, and all the other jobs to keep our business turning over. If our workload gets too heavy just for one person, we also may need to pay for a freelance florist to assist in order to deliver all elements of your wedding or special event. 

 - We are not just a product but also a service and for most of us do this business full time. This is our income source. We deserve to take a wage out. 

Wedding Flower Costs
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